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From a treadmill existence

I want to share with you how we got to the point of doing “The Villaging Project.” It started in 2007 when we sold our condo. We left our life behind and set out to create something profound. Part of me thought this was a bit crazy and irresponsible; part of me celebrated getting out of a treadmill existence. I remember being at work in my counseling office and saying to myself “Terry what are you doing here.” Same old same old, every day and not really making any more money than in the past and expenses going up. When … Continue reading

Why are we doing this?

[by Terry Sterrenberg] Educational Videos Plus is starting on a new project and as part of that project I will be writing a blog.  I will be writing about our discoveries along the way as we do research for our new movie and my hope is to create a dialogue about the creation of “Villaging” in America. When we interviewed Dr. Paul Hochfeld for The Healthcare Movie, he said that healthcare was just a poster-child for all that was wrong in the United States.  We weren’t quite sure what he meant at the time, but his statement rang a bell which led … Continue reading