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Good For Everyone

What’s the most important issue facing people in the United States right now? For me it has to do with how we know the truth.  I recently read an article describing a new app that allows users to produce “fake” pictorial information about anyone. I remember the phrase “seeing is believing”.  Well, now any one can create a convincing image of someone doing almost anything with this app.  When I align this with the new morality that it is “OK” to lie about whatever you please to “win” your point, I conclude that really you cannot believe anything for certain.  … Continue reading

Single Payer? Taxes going up?

  So with all the excitement in California and New York about imminent new legislation for state single payer programs, the big question still remains. When is the big money is coming into those states to defeat these bills? They did it in Vermont. They did it in Colorado. And they will do it in California and in New York. They will say “How will it be financed”, “Single Payer is risky”; “Taxes will go up”; “It is ‘too big a bite’ (coupled with a humongous hamburger on the poster; “The government is incompetent”; “We want choice, not a one-size-fits-all … Continue reading

Stuck On An Idea

  POSTED ON NOVEMBER 13, 2017 EDIT“STUCK ON AN IDEA”  by Terry Sterrenberg “Now Is The Time:  Healthcare For Everybody” is really the rallying cry these days. Healthcare activists all over the country are coming through in a big way.  It is amazing what we have done this past year and it is not yet done.  To be a part of it has been more than invigorating.  I literally feel that I have come back to life in some very real ways and the pit in my stomach that started right after the election last year has begun to refill.  However, even though I have new faith … Continue reading

What’s Next

By Terry Sterrenberg When we started announcing the topic of our new documentary, OUR New Economy, someone asked us “What are you doing? Are you moving away from advocating for Single Payer healthcare?”  The answer is a resounding NO. We learned a lot making two films about healthcare. We learned about how the motive to make profits has superseded the notion of taking care of people; about  how profiteering has become the vision and goal of the American way of life; about how  making money has become more important than telling the truth and manifesting common good. About how the … Continue reading

Money Game

By Terry Sterrenberg Our Indiegogo campaign to get us started with OUR New Economy documentary went live last week.  We sent out the notice to our mailing list.  You can read the campaign, sign on as a backer and give us a donation here.  Thank you for your generous gifts, and know that truly any level of giving is very helpful and greatly appreciated. I truly hate asking for money.  Most of my friends are on limited budgets and need to use a lot of discretion in their giving.  That is definitely true for me.  I hate that it is … Continue reading

New Movie Now in Production!

By Terry Sterrenberg The idea of The Villaging Project has led us on a deeply personal search for a new economy that can sustainably produce abundance for everybody. As we have moved forward to develop the idea for a relevant documentary film about what we call here “villaging”, we have come to realize more about how the motive to make profits has superseded the notion of taking care of people. It  has taken over the American dream and left many of us struggling to make a living. The working title of this upcoming documentary is “OUR New Economy“.   It is … Continue reading

The other 1%

By Terry Sterrenberg How do millions of people live together in a city anyway?  Many people would probably say “not very well”.   Coming to a different answer is pretty difficult when I read and listen to the daily  news. The Daily News reports every day that the world is literally falling part and people everywhere are fighting and shooting each other.  But my life experience in NYC is quite different.  There is actually a lot of cooperation, collaboration, and helpfulness going on,  such as the lady on the subway who grabbed our map away from us and said “Where are you … Continue reading


After all these months I finally feel like we are settling in a bit on Staten Island.  When people ask me how I like New York I still say that I am “getting used to it”  however I must say that I am getting more into the swing of city life.  Yesterday Laurie and I went to a movie in Manhattan with some Ganas friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then of course there  is always the circus, for entertainment and trips outside reality.  I’m talking about the presidential races and debates. I watched the presidential debates because, as one … Continue reading


By Terry Sterrenberg It is now Saturday night July 4 and explosions are all around me.  I have to admit I have never quite understood the desire for so many people to hear big bangs on their sidewalks.  We have had our own big bangs.  We are staying at Ganas on Staten Island, which is an intentional community that was started over 35 years ago.   We have had many discussions already with members of the community about our philosophy of  Villaging and will have many more I’m sure.  We had known that there was at least one person here … Continue reading

On The Go Again

Everything is a mess and out of order.  I both love it and hate it.  Messing up the order of my life means that a new order needs to be established.  When everything is a mess new order is unavoidable. We are packing and hauling, and getting ready to travel to NY for the the months of July and August where we will be  staying on Staten Island with the Ganas community. I told my sons  on father’s day  that I really have never lived “in the city”.  I feel we have started a good thing here in Salem and we … Continue reading