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Villaging America Logo3B croppedVILLAGING AMERICA: The Documentary

This new documentary (currently in production) presents the story of our search for a vision of the future that we think is possible. It examines the elements that determine our lifestyles, suggests a way to reverse the trend that has been leading us further and further away from our life’s source,  and shows us the way home.

Our economy is broken.

Many of us don’t feel safe. We don’t trust each other.  Some people don’t trust the government. There is something we long for that is outside the everyday grind of traffic, shopping, and television watching. Something important, meaningful, and fundamental has been lost in the everyone- for-themselves mentality that has gripped America since the days of the wild west.

Most of our food travels over a thousand miles to reach us, and is a trucker-strike away from being unavailable. Many of us work long hours, and come home exhausted, and then we watch TV commercials that tell us we are not good enough unless we shop for more “stuff”.

Yet when we look around, we see the word “Village” everywhere.  It seems that everything from apartment complexes to shopping malls to assisted living facilities are being called “Villages”.   It seems that there is a feeling of safety and connection that we hunger for.

Many people think that changing to a villaging lifestyle will mean going backwards.  In this film, we set out to make a case for how villaging can incorporate new technologies and lead us forward to a future where life for everyone far outshines anything we have in the present.

Villaging America

There is a movement afoot in America.  People are starting to grow food in vacant lots and on rooftops in their neighborhoods. Solar and wind generators are beginning to show up everywhere, and are becoming more affordable. Worker cooperatives are springing to life. Bicycles are claiming the roads.

The Villaging America documentary highlights the movement that is already unfolding. And it shows what might happen if we take things a step further.

Why we are making this film

While increasing numbers of intentional communities, ecovillages, and co-housing ventures with features of villaging are emerging throughout the USA, they still represent only a small percentage of the whole population.  Our intention is to show how promoting a villaging lifestyle can not only address many of the social injustices of our times, but can actually bring more of us the quality of life and feeling of safety and connection that we hunger for.



Why Villaging America

Because it’s where we live.  And because the USA has a major presence as a global leader in many ways, yet it is way out of balance in terms of ecology, economy, and social well-being. Villaging America presents the idea that a solution is possible, if we are willing to consider changing our concept of “development” from suburbia and shopping malls to communities of people who take care of one another.


Photograph by Rob Young



We are hoping that if you share our passion for Villaging America (and the rest of the planet), you will find a way to offer financial support to help with production costs including graphics, animation, music, and archival footage and images.  Contributions of any size mean a lot to us and we deeply value your partnership.

        Thank you!

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