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Six Key Elements

P1090210 cropped pike place

Here are six key elements that
distinguish a Village:



  • Land is owned by the community
  • Has a geographic boundary
  • Has a calculated capacity
  • Everyone in the village is looked after


  • Community is not designed around cars
  • No wide roads for cars are within the village
  • Safer for children and everyone
  • Villagers can access (rent or borrow) cars at the perimeter
  • Access to what villagers need is within walking distance
  • Electric personal vehicles or carts are available for those with limited mobility


  • Food for villagers is grown or produced within the village with the  intention of exploring ways to become food self-sufficient
  • The village aims to grow more food than the village requires, to sell or share with neighboring communities
  • The need for food transport is removed or reduced
  • New technologies for food production are used
  • Agriculture includes all season indoor & vertical gardening, permaculture, aquaponics


  • The village generates its own electricity, heating & cooling, and water sources
  • Solar, wind, geothermal, water movement and other innovative renewable energy sources are used
  • Insulation and conservation is emphasized


  • There is a self-governing process that includes input from all residents
  • A proven model for solving problems is practiced and implemented


  • Local investment is used to fund business development
  • Workers’ Self Directed Enterprises (WSDE’s) are created by villagers to serve the village and the surrounding community
  • Village businesses generate income for villagers and for village maintenance and improvement
  • The use of money for exchange within the village eventually becomes unnecessary


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