What you can do

2011-10-15 future ours occupy - Version 2

1.  Contact us so we know you are interested and so we can keep in touch with you. Your email address will only be used by us to send you updates on The Villaging Project.

2. Let us know of resources or information you have that might be relevant to the Villaging America documentary.

3. Reflect on aspects of Villaging that are present in your own life.  Refer to the Six Key Elements of Villaging.

4.  Look for examples of Villaging in your city or region.

5.  Schedule a Gathering or Meetup to discuss Villaging with friends and colleagues. Let us know about it and we will add it to our Calendar. Invite us to participate by video conference or in person!

6.  Add your stories, issues, solutions, and resources on our Forum page.


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